Accessible, Secure, Real-time Transactions

Building Healthcare's web3 foundation

Rhiza Health empowers a community to collaborate using decentralized (web3) technologies to improve the systemic issues that contribute to the $1T wasted in the U.S. healthcare system each year. Community members utilize web3 technologies and processes to ensure solutions are open, community governed, equitable and sustainable utility for the industry.

The Product
The Protocol

The Product

  • What - User experience for Rhiza Health protocol(s)
  • How - Proprietary, governed and owned by Rhiza Health Inc., license available for the community
  • Incentive Model - SaaS or licensed if hosted


  • What - Stakeholders and future owners of the protocol, potential customers of the products

The Protocol

  • What - Enables data exchange and healthcare administration between companies using Web3 and existing standards (FHIR, X12 etc.)
  • How - Open source, governed and owned by the community, utility for the industry
  • Incentive Model - Token based
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Rhiza’s purpose

Create decentralized (web3) protocol(s) that bring efficiency, transparency  and community empowerment to Healthcare. Data exchange and the medical claims process need web3. This was true for claims in 2016 when this  whitepaper was selected as one of the winners of  the ONC/HHS whitepaper challenge, but the technology was not ready. The technology is ready now.


Why use the
name Rhiza?

Healthcare needs to lay down some new technical “roots”. Rhiza – comes from the Greek word for root. It is pronounced “rye-za”. Some scientist believe  trees communicate via roots “mycorrhizal networks” - source


what makes Rhiza different?

Decentralized technologies are offering other industries between 3X and 6X efficency improvements. Healthcare should expect an even larger overall efficency gain due to size and scale of current friction points.

Rhiza Health offers a decentralized community owned approach.This differs greatly when compared to profit seeking incumbents. Community ownership, as demonstrated by other successful web3 efforts, empowers Rhiza to act as a utility for the industry. Healthcare suffers today from greedy, rent seeking companies that add waste to the overall system. If you want to learn more, follow us on Twitter.

Real-time settlement
Enables the provider to be paid by the insurance company (payor) and the patient at the time of service
Industry utility
We are building a foundation for administrative transactions that seeks to operate as a utility for the healthcare industry.
Will operate on a public blockchain, granting access to data and logic. This access empowers new applications that are not feasible to build today.
Community owned
Governed by the community of stakeholders with controls in place to ensure governance is decentralized and key groups are proportionately represented.
Operating on a public blockchain, all transactions across the entire network can be audited for fraud, waste and abuse in near real-time, pricing can easily be researched along with quality metrics.
Open sourced
We are committed to open sourcing the protocol so it can be reviewed, vetted, improved and owned by the community long term.

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