Educate, Empower and Equip a community of Healthcare leaders that will govern and own decentralized (Web 3) healthcare focused protocols.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is blazing a trail that demonstrates the efficiency of Web 3 technologies and the power of community ownership. These learnings will be applied to healthcare with the intent to drive out waste and address some of the systemic problems that are too large for any single company or stakeholder group to “fix” alone.

Healthcare’s future is much improved if it is powered by decentralized, community owned utilities.

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WASTE - About 25% of U.S. healthcare spending —between $760 billion and $935 billion annually —is wasted. (source)


WORKFORCE - Roughly 30% of healthcare resources are tied up in administrative costs. (source)


DATA SPRAWL - There are thousands of data silos across healthcare, a protocol is needed to enable seemless access and innovation.


LEGACY TECH - Payer’s claim processing systems are often decades old, IBM reports that 80% of US healthcare transactions depend on their mainframes.


Education and
Community Building

Web 3 brings change and healthcare executives must be informed to compete.
Rhiza provides educational materials and timely updates for community members.
Community includes diverse stakeholder perspectives.

Use Cases

Pre-adjudication, good faith estimates and real-time settlement of medical claims.
Community managed FHIR endpoint registry and protocol to enable seamless access.
Distributed data market to enable efficient exchange of public data.

Community Commitment

Signing the Letter of Intent (LOI) is all that is required to join the Rhiza Health Community. Details on the LOI commitments are available upon requests, send to

The community will determine how and if to utilize cryptocurrencies however they are not a required part of this first phase of community building or protocol development.


Governance of the protocol will be transitioned to the community.

Early access to Web 3 pilots with the Rhiza Health Community.

Frequent updates on this evolving space including a perspective on the landscape and potential implications.

Access to training and consulting from community leaders.

Web 3 education materials to share with your organization

Opportunity to get hands on and learn through experience with Web 3

Access to a community of leaders who have:  
• Experience to answer questions  
• Resources to collaborate on shared problems